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February 2011 Archives

How to Handle a Mutiny

Detroit Pistons’ head coach John Kuester recently found himself at the epicenter of the worst of management storms: Mutiny. Seven Pistons players apparently staged a protest against Kuester, purportedly wanting ownership to ouster him, by skipping a required practice. Kuester responded by benching the protesting players in a loss …

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Rebuilt Knicks: Can Coach D’Antoni Rise to Transition Challenges?

So the Knicks finally landed Carmelo Anthony, among the NBA’s top players, to become relevant again in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. But the price was steep: the Knicks shipped 4 of their 5 most recent starters – all young, developing talent – to the Nuggets along with numerous future draft …

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Dynamics of Conflict and Resolution

I coach my 13-year-old sons’ basketball team. At practice recently, in preparation for a big game, I got into a battle with my point guard son, Ryan. You know Ryan. You love him. He might even work for you. He’s your hard-nosed, never-say-die “coach on the floor” whose grit, stubbornness, …

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CC Sabathia: Flexing his Franchise Muscles to Management

The NY Yankees’ ace, CC Sabathia, certainly turned heads upon his arrival to training camp. Showing up 25 pounds lighter, svelte CC sent a clear message to the Yankees’ brass: I am the Franchise of this organization, I got myself in shape to continue my dominance, so extend my contract …

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Inspiration and Gimmick – Finding the Line

3 Questions to Determine Whether Your Rally Cry is Inspirational or Gimmicky:

  1. Is it personal to your team?
  2. Is it unique and meaningful (or is it another in a long list of contrived attempts to motivate)?
  3. Does your team embrace it and add to it so it evolves organically
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