March 2011 Archives

What’s Your Name?

Cocktail party, last weekend:

                       Me:                  Honey, what this guy’s name again?  Quick, this guy coming toward us now.  David? Danny? Dirk?

                       Erin:                You’ve got to be kidding.  It’s Warren, you idiot.  You’ve met him at least 14 times.  He lives two houses down from us.

                       Me:                  Oh …

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No Life for Dummies Manual Here

If you’re searching these pages for answers about how to parent your kids or coach your team or manage your employees, you’ll leave terribly disappointed.    

I don’t sit on a perch above you, able to lob down proclamations about your life. I sit alongside you, engaged in my own struggle …

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Work Hard Reasons

Clients often ask how I motivate people. My response invariably disappoints:

“I can’t motivate anyone. I give them tools that can help them get excited about managing more effectively. I tell   emotional and thought-provoking stories that put a momentary charge in them. I ‘move’ people. But motivation? That has to …

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Twins – Destined for Greatness

An email I sent this morning to the parents of a team I’ll be coaching this spring:

Yes, there might be snow on the ground on this first day of spring, but warmer, sunnier days lie ahead. As evidence, I deliver you the following exciting news from Pelham Little …

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Let’s Hop on a Call!

Got an idea today when I opened my calendar and saw, horror of horrors, a perfectly clean slate. My To Do list was long—

  1. complete materials for an upcoming presentation,
  2. finalize a proposal,
  3. follow up with two people who have already received proposals, and
  4. draft a partnership agreement.

But I …

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