The authors of Bare Knuckle People Management know successful people management is easier than a lot of managers make it. Kulisek and O’Neil’s no-nonsense insights are not only amusing but on the mark. If you are a manager looking to improve the performance of your team, someone who just became a manager or think you would like to become a manager, you will be glad you read this book.

—Paul Mott, Head of Club Services, Major League Soccer

May 2011 Archives

‘Everyone Gets a Trophy’ Discourages Greatness

Many of my friends vehemently oppose the common practice of giving every little kid who participates on recreation sports teams a trophy.  I actually think it’s a good idea on policy grounds, particularly for young kids, and here’s why:

Most youth sports leagues want to maximize the number of returning

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Managing Maddening Players

A couple months ago I posted an (overly, I’ll now admit) enthusiastic letter to the parents of the first grade baseball team – the Twins – I’m managing. Um, let’s start by saying that it hasn’t lived up to my initial hype.

I’ve been coaching kids since my wife gave …

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So Pissed Off Right Now

For time to time I receive a thought-provoking communication that compels me to comment about it publicly.  Just yesterday, in fact, I received the carefully-scripted anonymous letter below, and, after re-reading it several times to absorb the content, thought it warranted its own blog post.

You see kids, officials who …

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Big Moment – First Call

I had myself a moment yesterday.  A moment that made me think, “Holy shit, this crazy plan just might work.”  Trust me, you wouldn’t care about the details, so I won’t bore you with them. But I sure cared.  I felt big and on the cusp of something great. I …

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Open Letter to Don Imus

Dear Don Imus:

Been listening to your show since I was a kid in the 80s, and my Dad would force me to listen while he drove me to school.  I’ve always resented you for that, but I tune in to this day.  Your show drones on in the background …

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