Unlike many management books, Bare Knuckle People Management treats the readers like they actually have brains. The authors, O’Neil and Kulisek, show managers how to use what they already know and listen to their gut instincts in order to best manage their diverse workforces.

—Clifford A. Teller, Executive Managing Director of Global Investment Banking, Maxim Group

May 2011 Archives

‘Everyone Gets a Trophy’ Discourages Greatness

Many of my friends vehemently oppose the common practice of giving every little kid who participates on recreation sports teams a trophy.  I actually think it’s a good idea on policy grounds, particularly for young kids, and here’s why:

Most youth sports leagues want to maximize the number of returning

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Managing Maddening Players

A couple months ago I posted an (overly, I’ll now admit) enthusiastic letter to the parents of the first grade baseball team – the Twins – I’m managing. Um, let’s start by saying that it hasn’t lived up to my initial hype.

I’ve been coaching kids since my wife gave …

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So Pissed Off Right Now

For time to time I receive a thought-provoking communication that compels me to comment about it publicly.  Just yesterday, in fact, I received the carefully-scripted anonymous letter below, and, after re-reading it several times to absorb the content, thought it warranted its own blog post.

You see kids, officials who …

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Big Moment – First Call

I had myself a moment yesterday.  A moment that made me think, “Holy shit, this crazy plan just might work.”  Trust me, you wouldn’t care about the details, so I won’t bore you with them. But I sure cared.  I felt big and on the cusp of something great. I …

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Open Letter to Don Imus

Dear Don Imus:

Been listening to your show since I was a kid in the 80s, and my Dad would force me to listen while he drove me to school.  I’ve always resented you for that, but I tune in to this day.  Your show drones on in the background …

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