The authors of Bare Knuckle People Management know successful people management is easier than a lot of managers make it. Kulisek and O’Neil’s no-nonsense insights are not only amusing but on the mark. If you are a manager looking to improve the performance of your team, someone who just became a manager or think you would like to become a manager, you will be glad you read this book.

—Paul Mott, Head of Club Services, Major League Soccer

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Sean O’Neil is a dynamic and practiced speaker and has led workshops and seminars for six years. Just some of the topics he discusses:

  • Bare Knuckle People Principles: The seven “People Principles” managers must live by when dealing with anyone on their staff—from embracing the apology to realizing you, the managers, aren’t perfect either.
  • Getting the Call to Manage: What new managers must do in their first 30 days at the helm.
  • Who’s On My Team and How Do I Manage Them?: How to identify your employees as one of 16 character types, and how to get the best work out of each and every one of them (even Mr. Inappropriate and The Slacker).
  • Who Am I and How Should That Change the Way I Manage?: Managers often lack vital information about their own natural management styles and how others perceive them in their roles. Once armed with this information, they are equipped to adapt to the ever-complicated world of people management.

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