Coaching a professional basketball team is not different from managing a team of corporate employees. You have stars, utility players and bench warmers, all of whom thrive when their coach tailors his approach to their unique talents, weaknesses and contributions to the team. Bare Knuckle People Management speaks directly to managers who have been frustrated by the notion that all employees need to be treated equally and with kids’ gloves.

—Mike D’Antoni, Head Coach of the New York Knicks

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Walking the Vulnerability Tightrope

I am sitting here like a total geek reflecting on vulnerability – yes, that terribly anxiety-provoking state of being exposed to emotional injury.

Specifically, I’m reflecting on those peculiar sorts who bring vulnerability on themselves by putting themselves “out there” and thereby expose themselves to their own emotional injury.


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What’s Your Name?

Cocktail party, last weekend:

                       Me:                  Honey, what this guy’s name again?  Quick, this guy coming toward us now.  David? Danny? Dirk?

                       Erin:                You’ve got to be kidding.  It’s Warren, you idiot.  You’ve met him at least 14 times.  He lives two houses down from us.

                       Me:                  Oh …

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No Life for Dummies Manual Here

If you’re searching these pages for answers about how to parent your kids or coach your team or manage your employees, you’ll leave terribly disappointed.    

I don’t sit on a perch above you, able to lob down proclamations about your life. I sit alongside you, engaged in my own struggle …

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Phil Jackson: Passive-Aggressor, Shameless Self-Promoter

Flipping through the NY Times this morning, I saw an article about Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan’s sudden and unexpected resignation, purportedly over ongoing conflict with guard Deron Williams. Thinking there was a bare knuckle management message in there somwhere, I read on.

But I couldn’t get past …

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