Unlike many management books, Bare Knuckle People Management treats the readers like they actually have brains. The authors, O’Neil and Kulisek, show managers how to use what they already know and listen to their gut instincts in order to best manage their diverse workforces.

—Clifford A. Teller, Executive Managing Director of Global Investment Banking, Maxim Group

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Let’s Hop on a Call!

Got an idea today when I opened my calendar and saw, horror of horrors, a perfectly clean slate. My To Do list was long—

  1. complete materials for an upcoming presentation,
  2. finalize a proposal,
  3. follow up with two people who have already received proposals, and
  4. draft a partnership agreement.

But I …

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Got beat by an 8-word email

Yep, 8 freaking words completely altered the course of my day. I was sailing along, feeling 100% bullet-proof, when all of a sudden the little zinger pinged my inbox. I clicked it open, read the 8 words, and my good spirits washed out of me in a nanosecond.

No, the …

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Talking Much, Saying Nothing

Coaches are the biggest culprits. Why do they answer the simplest questions with cliché-laden paragraphs packed with tons of words that manage to communicate nothing at all? Don’t know what I mean? Here’s a classic clip involving Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll, talking endlessly and saying absolutely nothing.

From …

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Herding Tigers for Life

When my wife Erin told me that she signed me up to coach our daughter Olivia’s t-ball team last spring, an audible “oh no, please no” escaped from my lips. Olivia and her would-be teammates—the Tigers—were 5 years old. Ever coach a team of 5 year olds at anything? No? …

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Miami Heat Need a Player, Not a Badass

In his NY Times article, Harvey Araton makes the case that the Miami Heat won’t right themselves until they have someone “who has enough courtside juice on a nightly basis to help [LeBron James] grasp the axiomatic logic that everyone will eventually be better off when less of

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